Brandeis National Committee, Las Vegas Chapter

Calendar of Events, 2013-2014

Please note: Dates are subject to change


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BNCLV Events

Jewish Holidays

(for Reference*)






Aug 15

Board Meeting

Aug 20

Study Group Registration Forms Due

Sep 04

Rosh Hashanah Eve

Sep 05-06

Rosh Hashanah

Sep 13

Yom Kippur Eve/Kol Nidre

Sep 14

Yom Kippur

Sep 19

Board Meeting


Sep 19-25


Sep 25



Sep 26

Shimini Atzeret

Sep 27

Simchat Torah




Oct 17

Board Mtg.

Oct 30

General Meeting: Mike Cutler on News Technology




Nov 8

Day Trip: Oatman, AZ

Nov 21

Board Meeting

Nov [27] – Dec 05





Dec 19

Board Meeting

Dec 15-24

Gift Wrapping

Jan 05

University on Wheels


Jan 12-26

Jewish Film Festival


Jan 16

Board Meeting



Feb 04

General Meeting

Feb 20

Board Meeting




Mar 09

Book and Author

Mar [15]-16



Mar 20

Board Meeting




Apr 01

Games Day/Election of Officers


Apr 14

Passover 1st Seder

Apr 15-22



Apr 17

Board Meeting


Apr 28


Yom HaShoah




May 05

Yom HaZikaron

May 06


Yom Ha’Atzma’ut

May 15

Board Mtg.

May 22





Jun [3]-15


June 19

Board Meeting





*Note: Jewish holidays begin the evening before [date in bracket]