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Dates to Remember:

Election and Breakfast: April 19th

Installation of Officers:May 17th


Study Group Registration Deadline: To Be Announced

Chapter-endowed Scholarship Fund

First Recipient Named: The first Chapter-endowed scholarship was awarded to former Las Vegas student Jonathan Shakerchi, Brandeis U. class of 2016.Click here for more about the recipient. For Scholarship information go to www.brandeis.edu and search for financial aid.Students applying should include that they reside in Southern Nevada and are interested in the Brandeis-Las Vegas chapter endowed scholarship.

Brandeis Scholarship Campaign: Did you know that two out of three Brandeis students receives some form of financial aid. Financial assistance plays a pivotal role in upholding Brandeisí founding principle of equal access to higher education, regardless of a studentís financial circumstance. Scholarships ensure that the best and brightest students are able to pursue an education at this unique institution.

Brandeis is committed to ensuring that it meets the financial needs of its students. Endowed scholarship funds, which provide a consistent, dependable funding source, are required to accomplish this.

BNCLV will support the Brandeis Scholarship Campaign!


Our Mission:

Brandeis National Committee is an organization committed to providing philanthropic support to Brandeis University, a distinguished liberal arts and research university founded by the American Jewish Community.Its membership remains connected to the University through fundraising and through activities that reflect the values on which the University was founded: academic excellence, social justice, non-sectarianism and service to the community.


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